Reviews of Hairless Small Pinky Mice (100 Per Bag)

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          5 of 5 stars Kayla B.

I searched high and low, both in person and online, trying to find affordable pinkies for my Brazilian short tailed opossum (Ozzy). At first I thought that the shipping cost was high at Rodent Pro, but after LOTS of research.. it's actually dirt cheap!! I paid $50 in TOTAL.. most places wanted that just for shipping. Save yourself some time and take my word that you aren't going to find a better price. Plus my order arrived in just a few days!! The packaging was immaculate! A giant piece of dry

- Review by Kayla B.
          5 of 5 stars Gage M.

They came to my house so quickly and this is the cheapest place to buy frozen mice. I was in shock when I saw how big the box was and how amazing the packaging was. I really thought the shipping was expensive at first, but after I saw everything that went into it, I’m surprised it didn’t cost more. I’m pretty sure it could have stayed frozen for a week or more with how well it was packaged! I love the products and super cheap compared to other places!

- Review by Gage M.