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Giant Mealworms

Your Animals Will Love High-Protein Giant Mealworms

Giant mealworms are the brown worm-like larval stage of mealworm beetles (Tenebrio molitor), a species of the darkling beetle. They are high in protein and fat and are an excellent food or supplement for many exotic pet animals. Larger reptiles and amphibians are not excluded – they too will benefit from the enhanced protein and fat in mealworms and giant mealworms for sale at are just right for their big appetites. Live giant mealworms also make an irresistible live bait for sport fishing.

Reliable Nutrition from’s Live Giant Mealworms

Larger reptiles, amphibians, wild birds and fish all enjoy live mealworms. You want to provide your animals with the high-quality food they need to thrive, and live giant mealworms for sale from make that an easy goal to achieve. Your animals get high-quality food because our giant mealworms for reptiles and other exotic animals are raised on high-quality food that promotes optimum growth and nutritional value. Giant mealworms are also easy to feed and store.

Our giant mealworms are produced in a state-of-the-art facility with emphasis on producing high-quality nutrition for your animals. The giant mealworms you order online from are shipped in quantities most appropriate for your feeding requirements. If you are uncertain about the quantity or frequency of feeding giant mealworms that would be appropriate for your requirements or how to store the giant mealworms, our customer service experts can provide the information you need.