Vita-Bug Superworms


Live Vita-Bug Superworms Are a Super Food Source Option

You will see amazing results when you feed Vita-Bug superworms to your reptile, amphibian, or other insect-eater. The enhanced nutrition available in live Vita-Bug superworms will help your animals achieve optimum growth, development, and coloration.

Vita-Bug superworms for sale from are available in small, medium, and large sizes and are shipped to you in quantities of 500 or 1000 per box. If you have any concerns about feeding live Vita-Bug superworms to your animal or caring for the Vita-Bug superworms, our customer service professionals have your answers.

All Vita-Bug live feeders will be shipped to arrive healthy and in peak condition.
Of course, live Vita-Bug superworms are covered by the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Your animals will thrive on the highest quality nutrition possible and the beneficial results will be obvious when you feed Vita-Bug live feeders!