Guinea Pigs

Frozen Guinea Pigs for Nutritional Variety

If you choose to add guinea pigs to the diet of your exotic animals, offers a wide choice of frozen feeder guinea pigs for sale that you can count on for high-quality nutrition. Our frozen guinea pigs are raised utilizing a scientifically designed diet that ensures your animals receive the nutrition they require. We produce and distribute all sizes of frozen feeder guinea pigs to meet the feeding requirements of various reptiles, domestic and exotic mammals.

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Quintuple Extra-Large Guinea Pigs (1 Per Bag)
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Your Dependable Source for Frozen Feeder Guinea Pigs

Feeder guinea pigs from provide high-quality nutrition for your reptile or other exotic animal because we take the time to properly care for our feeder guinea pigs, feeding them a scientifically designed diet to ensure their nutritional quality and size. Feeding thawed frozen feeder guinea pigs is safer for your animals as well because it avoids the risk of your animal being injured by a live feeder. Ordering frozen feeder guinea pigs for sale from is the smart choice for providing consistent quality and uniformly sized feeders for your animals. is your dependable source for frozen feeder guinea pigs from our small size weighing 45.00 to 84.99 grams through large guinea pigs weighing 175.00 to 274.99 grams all the way up to our quintuple extra-large (5XL) guinea pigs at a whopping 750.00 – 900.00+ grams, a nutritionally satisfying meal for your large carnivore.