Standard Waxworms

Live Waxworms - Nutritious and Easy to Digest

Many reptile, amphibian, and arachnid species will benefit from the high-fat content available by supplementing their diet with waxworms. Our premium quality live waxworms arrive not only healthy, but appealingly plump and juicy, too! Your animals will find them tasty and easy to digest and you’ll find them easy to store. Waxworms Enhance Animal Health

When you feed waxworms available online from, you know you are enhancing your animals diet with an essential source of fat. Although the high-fat content of waxworms makes them inappropriate for regular feeding, they are a valuable supplement for your animals’ diet and encourage enhanced animal growth and health. Our waxworms are raised in a healthy environment monitored by trained professionals, so you can be confident you are feeding healthy waxworms without diseases or contamination.

Live waxworms are available in quantities of 250, 500, or 1,000 per box. If you need advice on how to feed to your animals, how to store waxworms, or the quantities you require, our customer service pros are available to help you decide. And at, we stand by our stellar reputation for providing premium quality products—and back it with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!