Feed Frozen Chickens for Quality Animal Nutrition

If feeding chicks or adult chickens is a good choice for your reptiles, birds of prey or other animals, you can rest assured of premium quality and uniform size when you order from You will receive frozen feeder chickens that meet the nutritional requirements of your animal while preventing the possibility of bodily injury posed to them by feeding live prey.

Extra-Small Chickens (25 Per Bag)
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Frozen Feeder Chicks or Chickens for All Your Needs

You provide the highest quality care for your animals so you want the best quality, most appropriate nutrition for them. Frozen feeder chickens from reliably meet your high standards for nutrition and are available in a variety of sizes. Whatever size you order, you will be providing your animal with the best quality nutrition possible. You can order with confidence because we maintain numerous state-of-the-art production facilities at various locations and exercise extreme care to eliminate any environmental or biosecurity concerns when producing our frozen feeder chickens.

Whether you need small chicks or large chickens, ordering feeder chickens online from will provide easy access to the quality food your animals require. Our chickens for sale range in size from extra-small chicks weighing 1.00 to 1.99 ounces to triple extra-large chickens weighing 4.50 to 6.50+ pounds.  All of our frozen chickens meet our highest quality standards and are pre-packaged for you in convenient quantities and sizes.