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Frozen Foods

A Full Selection of Frozen Feeders for High-Quality Nutrition

The nutritional value of our frozen food products provides the best in feeder selection for snakes, birds of prey and other exotic animals. At, we produce and distribute all sizes and types of frozen feeders, including frozen micefrozen ratsfrozen rabbitsfrozen guinea pigs, frozen hamsters, frozen gerbilsfrozen chickens and frozen quail, as well as a complete line of feeding supplies. Our frozen rodents and other frozen feeders are raised in state-of-the-art, carefully controlled production facilities and fed a scientifically designed high-quality diet, which produces the premium nutrition food items you expect for your animals. You will receive uniformly sized and individually frozen feeder animals without the worries of raising your own prey animals.

Dependable Quality Frozen Feeder Animals

Whether you require frozen feeder mice, feeder rats, frozen feeder rabbits, frozen guinea pigs, frozen feeder hamsters, frozen feeder gerbils or even frozen chickens or frozen quail, you will find the frozen feeders you need at From the smallest pinky mice to quintuple extra-large frozen guinea pigs at 900+ grams or triple extra-large frozen chickens at 6.5 pounds, we are your dependable source for nutritious frozen foods in uniform sizes appropriate for your snakes, birds of prey, and other exotic animals.

Frozen feeders from provide quality nutrition because we take the time to properly care for our feeder animals, feeding them a scientifically designed diet to ensure their nutritional quality and size. There’s no need to expose the animals in your care to the danger of feeding live prey animals when they will receive consistent nutritional quality in frozen feeders from Our numerous state-of-the-art production facilities at various locations ensure an uninterrupted supply of frozen feeders and avoid risk of any product uncertainties due to environmental or biosecurity concerns.