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Live Calciworms as a Food Supplement

Calciworms (Hermeia illucens) are premium feeder insects that are naturally high in calcium and are fed a scientifically designed diet that makes them an ideal food supplement for many reptiles and amphibians. They are not appropriate to feed as a sole ration, but live calciworms do provide additional calcium making dusting unnecessary. Buy hornworms and waxworms to provide additional fat and moisture within your reptile and amphibian diets.

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Live Calciworms for Reliable Nutrition

Calciworms are the direct result of the need for a nutritious live food source that is naturally high in calcium. With a texture similar to waxworms, live calciworms are a treat your animals will gobble up, and they will receive the benefits of high levels of calcium without the higher fat content.

Live calciworms. for sale online from are produced in a state-of-the-art facility with emphasis on producing high-quality nutrition for your animals. Thus, your reptiles or amphibians will receive excellent nutrition without the threat of disease or contaminants. Calciworms are available in one size and will be shipped in quantities of 100 per cup. Calciworms can be stored in the refrigerator between 45-55 degrees and do not require feeding. Your live calciworms will stay hearty for weeks, ready to be fed to your animals as required. And like all our products, live calciworms are always covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are uncertain about the quantity or frequency of feeding live calciworms for reptiles or other animals or how to care for the calciworms you ordered, our customer service experts can provide the information you need