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Your Animals Will Love Our Live Feeder Crickets

Our live feeder crickets are common brown crickets (Acheta domestica), which are a light brown color with long antennae, wings, and large jumping legs. Live crickets are a favorite food for many reptiles, amphibians, fish and arachnids. These animals typically consume crickets in the wild, and they thrive on the hunt for live feeder crickets in captivity. Live cricket feeders from provide a ready supply of nutrition comparable to or better than what your animals would have consumed in their normal habitat.

High-Quality Nutrition from Feeder Crickets

Feeder crickets from provide high-quality nutrition with the protein and vitamins your animals require to thrive. Our crickets receive optimum quality feed to allow their growth and development and ensure they are an energetic and nutritionally complete food source for your animals. Our feeder crickets are raised in a dedicated facility with uncompromising attention to a sanitary, uncontaminated environment. The live feeder crickets you order from will arrive healthy and disease free. You will see the difference when you feed our live crickets. Your birds, reptiles, amphibians, scorpions, tarantulas, fish and other pets will feed eagerly, grow and develop more readily, and show healthy coloring, strength, and activity.

Feeder crickets are available in a range of sizes. Usually, your selection would be based on the size of the mouth of your animal or a little smaller. Your shipment of live feeder crickets includes an overage count of the appropriately sized live crickets and will arrive in excellent condition – we guarantee it! If you have any questions or concerns about feeding your birds, reptiles, amphibians, or arachnids, our customer service staff will be happy to advise you and will make sure you have the information you need to successfully maintain your live feeder cricket supply and how to properly feed your animals.