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Reviews of Extra-Small Chickens (25 Per Bag)

          5 of 5 stars
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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          5 of 5 stars Emily F.

These are a great, balanced snack or "breakfast". My (mid-sized 50lb) dog eats 'once' a day in the evening, but gets bone broth or something smaller in the morning. These are the perfect morning snack--he's very excited to eat it and happily swaggers off with it in his mouth each morning. It takes him just enough time to eat so he has time to enjoy it. You don't need to worry about the treat/snack throwing off the balance, either, since it's already balanced. After finding this site, I've been moving towards feeding more whole prey, but I still have DIY prepped meals. I like to give these on the days he gets prepped (not whole prey) meals and feel it helps balance it out well.

- Review by Emily F.
          5 of 5 stars Kaira A.

My ball python loves the x-small chickens! They are the perfect size for my 4-month-old male, he eats them without any problems! It was nice to add variety to his diet. Given the price, especially when compared to other prey items, I will definitely order again!

- Review by Kaira A.
          5 of 5 stars Devin C.

I found the frozen chicks from here better than any other source I've found, any critters love em

- Review by Devin C.
          5 of 5 stars Bull T.

This as my first time ordering frozen whole prey items online and I was incredibly pleased with the packaging, quality and price! Will be ordering more very soon for my dogs and cat!

- Review by Bull T.