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Order Optimization Guide

The following information will enable you to add value and decrease costs when placing a frozen food order.

Free nationwide FedEx Ground shipping on all frozen food orders totaling $100 or more!

Optimizing Your Shipping Costs When Not Receiving Free Shipping

All of our frozen food products are packed in heavily insulated boxes containing dry ice. While our packing materials will ensure your products arrive frozen, they also add to the cost of shipping for every box we use. To ensure you receive the most value for your shipping costs we have added a feature to our web site that allows you to monitor how many boxes will be needed for a frozen food shipment and what percentage of box space remains available. On the shopping cart and at the top right hand of every page on the website, you will notice a box icon with information pertaining to frozen food box(es) filled and the amount of available box space remaining. This information reflects how much space your product will occupy in each box as well as how much available box space remains. Use this information to calculate how much of a particular product you may add to your frozen food order without requiring the use of an additional box.
It will always save you money when you utilize as much box space as possible. For example, an order consisting of 100 pinky mice shipped to Florida would cost $70.00, that's about 70¢ per pinky (100 pinkies @ 41¢ each = $41.00 plus $29.00 for shipping and handling). If you increase that order to 200 pinkies (200 pinkies @ 41¢ each = $82.00 plus $29.00 for shipping and handling) your new total cost is $111.00 making your new cost per pinky about 55.5¢, which is a 14.5¢ savings per pinky.

Other cost cutting ideas

Please visit our website and look for the "Hot Deal" icon which indicates an item is on sale at a drastically reduced price! Also, make sure you are signed up to receive exclusive offers, product news and more!