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Articles About Reptile Ownership

Have you been thinking about adopting a reptile? It’s a special relationship you will gain when you find the right friend for you.

For the past few years, the reptile ownership trend has been gradually increasing as people realize that reptiles are great pets. They may not have fur, and they won’t fetch a stick, but they are low maintenance for those who may not have the room to walk a dog or set up a play area for felines.

Other benefits include low maintenance feeding schedules and no bothersome pet hair. Learn more about specific reptiles here to help in your decision for the next member of your family.

Snakes for Pets. What do you need to know before you get your new pet snake?
Learn about the general facts of snake ownership. Go through this list to see if a snake will be a good fit in your lifestyle.
Pueblan Milk Snake As Pets
Did you know the Pueblan Milk Snake can live up to 20 years? They do! Here are the facts you should know about these scaly creatures.
Corn Snakes As Pets
Corn snakes are docile and you will find them in an array of colors and patterns. These particular snakes don’t typically grow over 3-5 feet. Learn more about the mannerisms of corn snakes.
Ball Pythons As Pets
Ball Pythons also grow up to 3-5 feet and are ideal for those newbies to snake ownership. Learn more about these fascinating snakes.
Boa Constrictor Facts For All Owners
Boa constrictors are powerful animals, and can grow up to 7-8 feet, some species get up around 10 feet. This article helps you understand the temperament and facts you should know as an owner.
California King Snakes As Pets
Reptile ownership doesn’t stop after a couple years with the California King Snake, these snakes can live up to 10-15 years. Here we list facts and information about the California King Snake as a pet.
Reptile Mites - And Getting Rid of Them!
One of the most bothersome issues a reptile owner can experience is a case of reptile mites. Here is our in depth guide to getting What do Gecko's eat?
Ever wonder what Gecko’s eat? Whether you are just curious or are looking into Gecko ownership, you’ll find how to feed these animals right here.
What do bearded dragons eat?
These lizards are omnivores looking to eat both veggies, fruits and protein. Learn more about their interesting diet here.
Top 5 Serpentariums / Reptile Houses in the U.S
Learn about some of the most amazing serpentariums / reptile houses in the United States!
Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World
Can you guess what species of snakes is the longest in the world? Prepare to be stunned by the ten longest snakes in the world!
Snake Diets While in Captivity Learn about the different feeding habits and diets for snakes!
How to Handle a Snake
Learn how to properly handle a snake with this brief step-by-step article!

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