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          5 of 5 stars John S.

Great Company. They shipped my frozen order with dry ice and it arrived rock hard frozen. All 250 assorted mice were healthy looking. My snakes come out of their tanks to eat them.

- Review by John S.
          5 of 5 stars Tiffany D.

I had a bit of trouble with shipping, which was no fault of Rodent Pro. Because of mail delays during Covid 19 my order ended up spending two days traveling instead of being delivered overnight. Plus I had something of an emergency and forgot about the delivery until around midnight when I was already at work. When I called home my roommate was unable to find the package. I didn't find the box till 7am the next day. So the box traveled for two days, then sat outside all day and night in nearly 90 degree weather. But after all that everything inside was STILL frozen when I opened it up. Will definitely be ordering from them again. Oh, mice looked great too.

- Review by Tiffany D.