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Reviews of Small Rats (20 Per Bag)

          5 of 5 stars
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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          5 of 5 stars Lance M.

Just received my package of small rats. High quality, clean looking and packaged great. All frozen but not frozen together.I will be ordering again in the future.

- Review by Lance M.
          5 of 5 stars Austin T.

If you are looking for frozen rats to feed your pets, then I would highly suggest Rodentpro. The rats came well-packaged and were still frozen even after sitting at my front door while I was at work. They were high quality and didn't have any freezer burn. I will continue shopping with this company from here on out. Great product, fast shipping and excellent prices.

- Review by Austin T.
          5 of 5 stars Brandon K.

Cant go wrong with RP, from pups to weaned to now smalls the quality thru out is top notch.

- Review by Brandon K.
          5 of 5 stars Mike B.

Rodents arrived in excellent condition. First time I’ve ordered and was pleasantly surprised at how well they were packaged and how they arrived frozen even in the summer heat. Will definitely order again.

- Review by Mike B.
          5 of 5 stars Ty B.

These were so high quality, I will never be going back to the pet store-quality feeders my snakes have been eating for years. Wish I would have ordered these sooner. You will not be disappointed!

- Review by Ty B.
          5 of 5 stars Madison M.

This is my first time ordering rats in bulk online. I ordered a pack of 20 small rats (i only have one snake right now), and I am thoroughly impressed by the packaging. The rats were surrounded in insulation and dry ice; the rats themselves looked much better than common pet store chains, where their rats are usually tiny, purple, and flat. I am very happy with the quality of the product and the care put into ensuring they would arrive frozen. Will buy again!

- Review by Madison M.
          5 of 5 stars Bria M.

Great looking rats and packing.

- Review by Bria M.
          5 of 5 stars Caleb G.

These rats look great and are of perfect size! I was paying twice the price at my local pet store and the quality of the rats there were horrible! My shipping was delayed by fedex by 2 days but the rats were packaged very professionally. They remained frozen the 4 days it took them to get here I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase I will definitely be a returning customer!

- Review by Caleb G.
          5 of 5 stars David D.

I really like this company , they package them very well. The prices are amazing as well. Keep it up and I’ll be a loyal customer for as long as I have reptiles.

- Review by David D.
          5 of 5 stars Jackie P.

This was my first time ordering frozen rats online. Where we recently moved to is very rural so there was no where to get snake food unless I drove to the city. My order was a day late but it was not the company's fault it was FedEx. Even though it was a day late I opened my package to find it was packed very well and all rats frozen solid still. There was still a large chunk of ice inside so it could of gone several days. I was happy with the rats I received. And this company has the cheapest prices online, especially shipping. I highly recommend them and will be using them in the future. From the product to updating the tracking number to receiving my item I was extremely happy. Thanks for a great first time experience.

- Review by Jackie P.
          5 of 5 stars Gage U.

I've never ordered frozen rats before and naturally I was concerned about the possibility of them thawing or being damaged during shipping. However, the rats were so well-packed and insulated, they could have made it through much worse 'shipping trauma'. I was very pleasantly surprised.

- Review by Gage U.