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Reviews of Medium Rats (10 Per Bag)

          5 of 5 stars
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Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product

          5 of 5 stars Christopher R.

Medium sized rats has a very wide range, so I asked for a special request of rats between 120-130 grams for my ball pythons and they did this for me without a problem. It shipped to me in 9 days in excellent condition.

- Review by Christopher R.
          5 of 5 stars Arielle B.

I ordered 20 large rats and 20 medium rats. I received free shipping due to ordering I believe over 100 dollars. I ended up only playing $118. That's comes out to under $3 per rat which is a phenomenal price!!! My rats are very good size, they were packed very well with dry ice and insulation, and the processing and shipping time was very reasonable as well. I am beyond impressed. Thank you rodent pro! I will be a forever customer!

- Review by Arielle B.
          5 of 5 stars Rylee S.

I love these for my ball python; I've reordered several times. Fast shipping, product is still fully frozen upon delivery, and sizes are consistent every time.

- Review by Rylee S.
          5 of 5 stars Derek S.

I have ordered from RodentPro for years. Their rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils always appear in good health prior to euthanization and are packaged well, have never had any problems with rodents coming in less than frozen solid and are packed well in their shipping box as well as packaged well but overall great job every time so far. Will continue to use them for as long as I breed my snakes. Larry Austill in customer service is absolutely amazing and always responds to my emails quickly. Thanks Larry, one of the main reasons I always return and refer a ton of people to order here.

- Review by Derek S.
          5 of 5 stars Lily M.

Arrived in perfect condition my boa constrictor hasn’t denied any of them and has had no problems with digestion:)

- Review by Lily M.
          5 of 5 stars Brandon K.

Have been feeding them to my burm and he loved them, almost out and moving up to the large next.

- Review by Brandon K.
          5 of 5 stars Carmen J.

I have never ordered from here before but was told to try it and finally did. I'm very glad I did. Great quality rats, it took less than 24 hours to get here after receiving my shipment notification email. All priducts arrived frozen, sealed and well insulated. Definitely worth the money. Will definitely be ordering from here again and will suggest this company to any friends of mine that need feeders!

- Review by Carmen J.
          5 of 5 stars Jason L.

I ordered 10 medium rats just to try it out, well customer for life. Awesome packaging and great product. Thank you

- Review by Jason L.
          5 of 5 stars Freddy A.

The description for Med Rats is 85 - 175 grams. There is a lot of room in there. I have a 3 foot Ball Python and a 2 1/2 - 3' juvenile Burmese, and I need rats on the smaller side of that for the burm, and rats on the larger side of that for the Ball. I communicated this, and that is exactly what I got. They arrived today, frozen solid. Both of my pythons eagerly ate them today. What more can one want from frozen rats?

- Review by Freddy A.
          5 of 5 stars Megan L.

I'll 100% be returning to get all my frozen rodents! Some of the best looking rats I have ever received and the packaging was amazing, they don't mess around! Very secure and all things inside were still frozen! Amazing, I will definitely be referring people here!

- Review by Megan L.
          5 of 5 stars Jaime Y.

I used to raise feeder mice and this might sound weird but there's a certain smell to the F/T mice and rats you get from other places that I don't find with this company. I can tell that they're kept in a clean environment and that's nice. They might be feeders but they still deserve cleanliness and good nutrition (plus that's better for the animals you're feeding, too). The shipping is reliable, too. They definitely take care that their frozen products won't thaw out on the way. I recommend this place to all my herping friends.

- Review by Jaime Y.
          5 of 5 stars Amber B.

My husband and I decided to try out RodentPro when our local pet store didn't always have the size and quantity of rodents we needed for our ball python. The quality difference between the pet store and RodentPro was crazy! We will always order our snake's dinner from here now :)

- Review by Amber B.