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Reviews of Large Rabbits (1 Per Bag)

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          5 of 5 stars Mekala L.

Great quality, amazing packaging(everything was completely frozen & protected!), fast shipping & impressive customer service. I can’t recommend RodentPro enough. They are always professional & use quality products & materials. Thanks RodentPro!!

- Review by Mekala L.
          5 of 5 stars Emily F.

These are fantastic whole prey items that are high quality and were intensely enjoyed! The price is very fair, too. These are massive meat rabbits and the weights were as listed. My dog took 5 days to get through one. My dog loves his raw whole prey meals; it's both mentally and physically exhausting for him in the best of ways. Whole prey is naturally balanced (we're just doing our best to mimic mother nature when we DIY prep). Whole prey saves me the human a lot of work AND my dog enjoys his meals more and has a naturally more balanced meal. Win-win. We'll likely always have our DIY prepped days (with the larger/darker red meats/animals), but finding RodentPro is enabling us to use whole prey as meals far more often.

- Review by Emily F.