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Which Animals Eat Mice?

Mice are about as low on the food chain as a group of animals can get. Almost every carnivorous or omnivorous animal will jump at the chance to eat living or frozen mice, given the opportunity. Most wild animals depend on mice and rodents as part of their diet, giving mice hundreds of natural predators.

Animals that feast on living and frozen mice header

Wild and Domesticated Cats

It was well defined by Tom and Jerry cartoons that mice and cats do not get along. However, wild cats are more likely to eat mice than domesticated cats. Wild species of cats like bobcats and lynx hunt mice for survival and to sustain their young. Even larger cats like lions and tigers hunt mice as a way of supplementing their diets.

Although it's true that domesticated cats love to eat mice, often time they do it out of instinct rather than hunger and survival. Because of that instinct, small domesticated cats are often used as a way of controlling the mice population.

Free-Range and Wild Dogs

Similar to cats, the dog species rely on mice. Dingoes, wolves, and jackals hunt and prey on the mice popular for a large part of their diet. Unlike domesticated dogs, survival drives their instinct to hunt.

Our common everyday domesticated dog is more likely to chase and play with a mouse than it is to actually eat a mouse. Since most indoor and domesticated dogs eat a balanced diet regularly, the instinct of curiosity trumps that of survival. However, breeds like Terriers and Dachshunds can be bred to hunt mice because of their territorial and loyal nature.

Flying Carnivore Predators

Birds are among mice most fierce hunters. Swooping down on the fields in which mice roam, almost every type of birds that is a carnivore eat mice as an essential part of their diet and a large source of nutrients. Even domesticated hawks and birds of prey eat frozen mice and feeder mice.

Snakes and Reptiles

Snake eating a frozen mouse

Snakes are another natural predator of mice. From domesticated boa constrictors that eat frozen mice to wild corn snakes, mice are always on the menu for snakes. Because snacks have the ability to unhinge their jaw, mice are the perfect size for small and large snakes to prey on. Most species of snakes eat mice as a large part of their diet, making them a natural pest control around the world.

There are a few snakes that won’t eat mice including the garter snake which primarily eats fish. Many arboreal animals won’t consume mice either since they are not a part of the snakes’ environment.

Supply Your Pet With Frozen Mice

There is a large list of species and animals that eat mice as an essential part of nutrition and survival. For domesticated birds of prey, snakes, and other predators, supply them with frozen mice and feeder mice. Rodent Pro is a leader in frozen rodents, providing owners and animal sanctuaries with nutritious and healthy diet for their animals.




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