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 1:17:53 PM (CST) Monday, February 18, 2019

Ball Pythons as Pets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ball Python ownership. Given its size and docile manner, the Ball Python is one of the most commonly owned pythons kept in captivity. Before committing yourself to owning a Ball Python for the next 20 to 30 years you should know a few facts about Ball Pythons. First you should know that the Ball Python originates in western and central Africa, this means that for its habitat you will want to supply it with a habitat that has some foliage and possibly water.

The Ball Python derives its name from the fact that if threatened it will roll itself into a tight defensive ball with the head and neck tucked between coils. The ball is so tight and compact that the snake can be rolled along the ground. This is the only python that has this adaptation.

Like all other pythons, the feeding behavior of a Ball Python is of a constrictor. It seeks out its food with the aid of a heat organ. However, most Ball Pythons raised in captivity do not require live feeding, and in fact it can be dangerous to live-feed a captive bred Ball Python. If a live mouse is put into the snake’s enclosure, there may be negative consequences. Different consequences can be learned aggression towards your hand because of the association between it and the live food. Also, the snake may be injured by the feeder animal. Ordering is the safest and healthiest thing you can do for your Ball Python’s diet. The frozen snake food can be kept for months without spoiling, and you will have fewer trips to make to the pet store.

Also, remember that when you take ownership of any animal, and make it into a domestic pet, you will need to find a good veterinarian. Find one locally so you are able to take your Ball Python in case of any emergencies.

By taking care of your Ball Python and continually learn about it you can have a healthy, long lasting relationship with your Ball Python for several decades. Remember to keep up on current findings and new products for your snake.



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