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Measuring Frozen Mice

We are frequently asked exactly how big a person can expect their shipment of frozen mice, frozen rats, frozen rabbits, frozen guinea pigs, frozen chickens, or frozen quail may be. In order to respond to these questions, this is a reference that can be used to compare the size of our products with everyday products you are already familiar with. This month we will be starting with our frozen mice.

Extra small pinkies
An extra small pinkie will be about half an inch to one inch total and weigh between .5 and 1 gram. This weight is hardly noticeable and is similar to a business card or paper currency.
Small pinkies

Pink in color and under an inch in length these frozen mice weigh approximately 2 grams, or close to how much a paperclip would weigh.
Large pinkies

The largest of the pinkies these ones are clearly pink in color and weigh about 3 grams or about the weight of a penny.


White Peach Fuzzies & Dark Peach Fuzzies

These are 5-9 days old, are slightly longer than an inch and weigh 3-4.5 grams, or about as much as a much as a US nickel.
White, Dark, and Hairless
Slightly larger than the white peach fuzzies and the dark peach fuzzies, these fuzzies are about a half inch longer and weigh up to 7 grams, the equivalent weight of a tie clip, a ring, or other light jewelry.


White, Dark, Hairless

These frozen mice can weigh up to 13 grams, about the equivalent of 3 crayons


White, Dark, Hairless

These frozen mice are 21-25 days of age and are nearly fully adults. They range from 2 – 2.5 inches in length and can weigh up to 18 grams, about the weight of a soft tipped dart.
White, Dark, and Hairless
These frozen feeder mice are 30 – 40 days of age and are at their sexual maturity. They can be up to 3 inches in length and weigh up to 25 grams, the equivalent of a triple-A battery.

Extra Large Adults

White, Dark, Hairless
These frozen mice are 5-6 months of age, can be nearly 4 inches long and weigh over 45 grams, the equivalent of about 20 sheets of paper.


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