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The Guide to Different Frozen Feeder Mice Types

What are different types of frozen feeder mice?

You have probably noticed the many different names exist for feeder mice, such as pinky mice, fuzzies, weanlings, etc. but do you know what each of these names mean, and how they size up against one another?

At, we offer the freshest, highest quality frozen feeder mice in various sizes. The mice variation you need is dependent on the animal you are feeding. Keep in mind that the different sizes have different nutritional compositions as well. Learn more below about which frozen feeder mouse you should be looking to buy for you snake, lizard or bird of prey.

Remember this rule of thumb for choosing feeder mice for snakes – choose the size that is just a bit larger than the widest section of your snake’s body. Don’t go too big though, you will risk making the snake regurgitate the mouse if it does not make it all the way down.

Pinky Mice
X-Small Pinkies: Extra small pinkies are generally one day old and vary in size from .5”- 1” long, not including tail and weigh in at 1.5-1.99 grams. These frozen feeders are called pinkies because they appear pink in color, as they have not formed a coat of hair yet. They are classified as neonatal in the spectrum of nutritional composition.

Small Pinkies: Not forming their coats yet at 1-2 days old, the small pinkies are pink in color. The small pinkies are the same .5”- 1” length as extra small pinkies, but are heavier in weight, ranging from 2 – 2.49 grams each. . These small pinkies are classified as neonatal in the nutritional composition chart.

Large Pinkies: These hairless, large pinkies are between .5”- 1” long and weigh between 2.5 grams and 2.99 grams. These large pinky mice are 3-4 days old and also are classified as neonatal. This size is generally the next step up from small pinkies – large pinkies should be fed when the small pinkies no longer form a lump in the snake. This is the last stage a mouse is considered a pinky before reaching fuzzy stage.

Peach Fuzzies: These peach fuzzies are available in white and dark, without nutritional difference. These particular frozen fuzzies are between 5 and 9 days of age and grow to be 1” – 1.25”. The weight of this type of juvenile feeder is between 3-4.49 grams. These are perfectly sized for those animals which the pinkies are too small, bit the regular fuzzies are too large.

Fuzzies: Ten to thirteen days of age, these juvenile fuzzies have developed a full coat of hair (unless they are the hairless breed). The fuzzies are slightly larger at 4.50 - 6.99 grams a piece, and are between 1.25” and 1.5” long, not including tails. Fuzzies have developed eyes, but they have not opened yet. Fuzzies come with hair or hairless, so make sure to order the one your animal is used to.

Adult Feeder Mice
Hoppers: Hoppers are within 14-18 days old with fully open eyes. They are starting to eat and drink on their own at this point and range between juvenile and adult, depending on the grams, which generally the hoppers fall between 7.00 and 12.99 grams. The length of these fresh-frozen feeders, not including tails, is between 1.5” and 2”. White hoppers, dark hoppers and hairless hoppers are all available for purchase and animal consumption.

Weanlings: By 21-25 days of age, these weanlings eat and drink on their open, have their eyes open and have developed a full coat (aside from hairless weanlings). They are classified as adults at this point and are available in white weanlings, dark weanlings and hairless. They have bodies around 2”- 2.5” long and weigh between 13 and 17.99 grams.

Large Adults: Feeder mice are classified as large adults once they hit sexual maturity around 30-40 days old. These feeders include: white adult mice, dark adult mice and hairless large mice. As they are 30-40 days old, their bodies are around 2.5”- 3” long and weigh between 18 and 24.99 grams.

X-Large Adults: These feeders include: white adult mice, dark adult mice and hairless extra-large mice. The XL adult feeder mice are obviously the largest mice product offered. They reach 25-45+ grams each, and reach a body length of 3”-3.75”. carries all of the above frozen feeder mice. If you need help choosing the correct size and age of your feeder rodent, contact us and one of our experts can assist you in your selection.




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