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What Do Birds of Prey Eat?

There are a variety of specifies considered birds of prey, including eagles, falcons and hawks. These birds are known for hunting, and while they will hunt other birds, they will also hunt other animals as well. Depending on the habitat of birds of prey, their diet may variety quite a bit. Those living near coastlines often hunt for fish, while those not living near water may have their diet focus more on insects or mammals like rodents.

Often times the small mammals that they feed on are pinky mice, but they could even include gophers. For larger birds of prey, they will feed on larger mammals, such as feeder rabbits, squirrels or raccoons. Some of the most fascinating of all prey for these animals is other birds, large or small. These animals can be taken as food mid-flight or while on the ground. In addition, birds of prey are known to eat lizards, frogs and other reptiles and amphibians.

These majestic birds have keen eyesight, allowing them to be stealthy predators in the wild. Their ability to feed on a variety of animals allows them to survive in most environments. You may be able to see these animals at animal sanctuaries and zoos, but you may also have some available to you just outside of your door.




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