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Interesting Rodent Articles

Read some of these fascinating rodent articles. Packed with interesting facts and bewildering rodent finds, you’re sure to keep yourself entertained.

Operation Dead-Mouse Drop
In Guam, a group of 2,000 feeder mice were air-dropped as part of Operation Dead-Mouse Drop. It may sound like the plot to an animated movie, but we assure you this is actually happening.

AP: "Living Fossil" Rat Caught On Tape
You’ve heard of extinct animals, but have you heard of finding extinct animals living today? A Diatomyidae, or Laotian rock rat, was discovered near the Thai border. Learn more about the live documentation of the once thought “extinct rodent”.

World News: Picture A Rat As Big As A Buffalo
Read the article that debuted the world’s largest rodent find. The Phoberomys pattersonl was the size of a buffalo! Included is an interesting size comparison between rodents that currently exist and the huge rodent find. This rat would have fed a lot of snakes and reptiles.

AP: Unknown Giant Rat Discovered In New Guinea Jungle
Researchers in India found new species of a possum and rat. Rodents like this are not found often, and this rat in particular is 5 times the size of a typical city rat. Find out more about new rodent discoveries!

Naked Mole - Rat From Africa
Check out this naked mole-rat from Africa! This little creature gives you perspective into the oddities you don’t see on a normal basis.

What Animals Eat Mice?
Of all animals, mice are one of the lowest on the food chain. Nearly every carnivorous or omnivorous animal will eat live or frozen mice given the chance.

BBC News: Gigantic Fossilized Rodent Discovered
Interesting findings have shown the today’s rodents are much smaller than they once were. Although Rodent Pro sells various sizes from small to extra-large rats, they aren't this large.




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