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 12:33:36 PM (CST) Monday, February 18, 2019

We specialize in feeder mice.

Frozen feeder mice have become the ideal delicacy for feeding snakes and other reptiles.
Some are raised on a special diet designed to produce healthy feeders.

Mice are carefully weighed and euthanized with carbon dioxide, the most painless and most reliable way to ensure harmful chemicals do not seep into the mouse. They are then shipped individually in sealed packages quickly so they stay frozen.

Feeding your reptile frozen rodents has many benefits.

  • It's safe and healthy for your reptile, and more convenient.
  • Frozen rodents are killed quickly and humanely.
  • Freezing kills parasites that could harm or even kill your reptile, and it’s easier for the owner to handle, because you can stock up instead of making weekly trips to the pet store, and they are easier to dispose of.
  • Most important, frozen rodents are safer for your reptile to eat than live ones.
    Live rodents severely and sometimes fatally injure the reptiles they are being fed to. If a snake coils around a mouse incorrectly, the mouse’s feet and teeth can be used to gouge, cut, and bite at the snake’s skin, eyes and mouth.

Trauma resulting from scratches and bites can cause “mouth rot” in snakes.
If the snake refuses to eat the live rodent, the rodent will bite the reptile, chewing on the tail, the eyes and other parts of the snake’s body.

This can put your reptile in grave danger. Rodents can inflict enough wounds to kill the reptile outright, or cause infections that lead to debilitating diseases, costly vet bills, even death.

Don’t buy the myth that reptiles need live prey.

Captive animals act differently than those in the wild. Reptiles in captivity do not spend days searching for food, hiding from predators, and being vulnerable to other predators. Instead, they are in a comfortable, confined space, and their needs are met by you.

Frozen mice must be thawed completely before feeding them to the snake. Partially frozen mice might harm or cause the snake to vomit. To thaw, soak mice in warm water for several minutes. Larger mice take longer to thaw. Mice should not be re-frozen again, and uneaten ones should be discarded.



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