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Information on Birds of Prey

Learn more about what birds of prey eat, and how their nutritional needs are supplemented through various diets. Each of these amazing creatures has a specific diet that needs to be met while they are in a sanctuary, zoo or kept in a captive environment.

In this section you can also learn more about the special characteristic of some of these beautiful creatures such as their bond with humans and each other. Also, learn more about the nature of each bird of prey.

How to Handle a Bird of Prey – Falconry Handling

Handling a bird of prey comes with a big responsibility. However, there is no other feeling of having such a well-trained creature trust and obey your commands. Learn how to handle birds of prey properly.

Birds of Prey Flight Speeds – North America

Check out the known speeds for some of the most impressive birds of prey native to North America.

Birds of Prey Flight Speeds – Africa

Learn the known speeds for some of the most amazing birds of prey native to Africa.

Peregrine Falcon Food
Learn about the diets of the peregrine falcon, in addition to other nutritional diets of many other birds of prey such as vultures, buzzards, hawks and more. It is impossible to cluster all diurnal birds of prey into one group when it comes to eating a specific diet. Each bird has its own nutritional diversity and needs, which care takers must know before taking in an animal such as the peregrine falcon.

The Bond Between Animal and Human
Read about the special relationship between a man and eagle. The unique bond they shared was gained through trust, care and mutual respect. This piece gives you a glimpse into what true pet ownership entails.

How to Get Into Falconry
A challenging, yet rewarding sport is falconry. If you’ve been looking into it, this article may help you, although you should give much thought into this before picking it up for yourself. It can be expensive and takes dedication, but can be worth it.

What Do Birds of Prey Eat?
There are a variety of specifies considered birds of prey, including eagles, falcons and hawks. These birds are known for hunting, and while they will hunt other birds, they will also hunt other animals as well.

Owl Series: Barn Owl Facts
Want to learn everything there is to know about Barn Owls? This article is dedicated to provide you with the most information about this bird of prey.

Owl Series: Eastern Screech Owl Facts
Curious about the Eastern Screech Owl? This article is devoted to provide you with the information on this owl's habitat, food, hunting and behavior.

Owl Series: Long-Eared Owl Facts
The Long-Eared Owl can locate and kill its prey in complete darkness. Want to learn more about this owl species? This article is devoted to provide you with information on this Long-Eared Owl's habitat, food, hunting and behavior.

Hawk Series: Galapagos Hawk Facts
The Galapagos Hawk is found in the remove Galapagos Islands. Learn about the diverse Galapagos Hawk.

Owl Series: Northern Hawk-Owl Facts
Learn about the rare and very interesting Northern Hawk-Owl in this article. A great read about one of the most poorly understood and least studied birds in North America.

Owl Series: Snowy Owl Facts
Snowy owls are beautiful creatures with white and sparse brown spots capable of catching small birds in flight.

Owl Series: Great Horned Owl Facts
The Great Horned Owl has a very menacing appearance qualifying them as a notable asset in many scary movies.

Eagle Series: Bald Eagle Facts
Want to learn everything there is to know about Bald Eagles? This article is dedicated to provide you with information on this bird of prey's appearance, habitat, food, hunting and behavior.

Eagle Series: Golden Eagle Facts
The Golden Eagle exhibits many fascinating behaviors including "sky dancing." Learn more about this eagle's amazing performance that it exhibits in the wild.

Eagle Series: Philippine Eagle Facts
Philippine Eagles are one of the largest raptors in the world rumored to kill monkeys and even children!

Eagle Series: Steller’s Sea Eagle Facts
Steller’s Sea Eagles are amazing looking birds with a large, arched and yellow beak.

Hawk Series: Broad-winged Hawk Facts
Broad-winged hawks exhibit playful behavior by soaring in circles above the forest canopy during breeding season.

Hawk Series: Swainson’s Hawk Facts
Swainson’s Hawks are known as a classic western bird of prey colored with white, gray and brown feathers.

Hawk Series: Red-Tailed Hawk Facts
The Red-Tailed Hawk is the most common hawk in North America and might actually be in your backyard right now!

Hawk Series: Cooper's Hawk Facts
The Cooper's Hawk is an extremely agile bird of prey capable of threading branches and other obstacles at amazing speeds.

Hawk Series: Ferruginous Hawk Facts
The Ferruginous Hawk is the largest North American hawk primarily living in the Mid-West of the United States.

Hawk Series: Harris’s Hawk Facts
Harris’s Hawks are family oriented when hunting and tend to assist each other in the process.

Falcon Series: Prairie Falcon Facts
You can commonly find the Prairie Falcon nesting on top of a cliff with Golden Eagles, Red-Tailed Hawks and even Common Ravens!

Falcon Series: Gyrfalcon Facts
The Gyrafalcon is known as the largest falcon in the world residing in the northern hemisphere.

Falcon Series: Red Necked Falcon Facts
Red Necked Falcons are found in semi-dessert and dry open country areas with a few trees.

Top 10 Largest Birds of Prey in the World
Want to know what the 10 largest birds of prey in the world are? If you do, you came to the right place. Click on the link above to unveil these magnificent raptors!

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