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Bearded Dragon Care

Many people chose a bearded dragon as a pet because they are naturally gentle and calm reptiles. They are good pets for owners who are new to having reptiles as pet, but they do require special environmental and nutritional care.

How to Keep a Bearded Dragon Healthy

When cared for properly, the estimated lifespan for a bearded dragon is ten years. So how do you keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy? Make sure you have a tank that is at least 40 gallons so that your dragon can have enough room, and make sure the tank is covered with a screen top that is securely fixed to the tank. Place paper or paper towel on the bottom of the tank, and place a variety of rocks, logs and branches in the tank for the dragon to perch on. Don’t forget to use proper UVA/UVB lighting, which can be found at your local pet store. Also, lightly mist your pet every other day, as they will use the moisture from the mist as drinking water. They will also drink from a shallow dish, but you should still make sure to mist them lightly.

Feeding Bearded Dragons Pinkies

While bearded dragons will eat pinky mice for enriched protein, especially females who have recently laid eggs, a bearded dragon’s diet will consist mainly of insects and vegetables. First, be aware that it is a best practice to feed your dragon whole frozen feeders, and not small pieces of the meat. The type of animal matter that you can feed your pet can range from crickets to mealworms, and also mice. Feeding your dragon pinkie mice should be done carefully, and not until the bearded dragon is large enough to handle it. These feeder mice should be a part of a variety of items that your dragon eats and not the only item in their diet.

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