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Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries

Have you ever wondered what is in a zoo animal diet? Find out more here. Our articles give you a peek into how animal sanctuaries work, in addition to explaining what certain animals eat, and why.

If you have a question about zoos or animal sanctuaries and how they supplement diets of their animals, ask us and we can answer those questions in the future.

What Zoo Reptiles Eat!
Learn what zoo reptiles eat! Keep this information in mind the next time you are one of the 175 million people to attend the zoo this year. Animal nutritionists keep a close eye on the diets of each reptile, and know how to create a balanced meal for each specie.

How Zoos Cater to Reptiles
Zoos offer an up close look at reptiles in a way that mimics nature. From the habitat to the diet, you are able to take into account the natural ways of these reptiles.

How Do Animal Sanctuaries Work?
Animal sanctuaries are fascinating and hospitable industry in which the lives of animals are saved. If you’ve ever wondered what it entails to run an animal sanctuary, learn more here. You’ll also learn how large of a role the animal nutritionist plays in running a sanctuary efficiently.

Zoo Veterinarians
There are many types of Veterinarians, but most of us tend to think of the pet doctor that we take our dog or cat to. However, some of the top Veterinarians in the world work at Zoos and take care of some of the most exotic animals on the planet.

What Does a Zookeeper Do?
Zookeepers are an extremely important asset to any zoo. Learn more about this individual's job and how difficult it actually can be.

Why Become a Volunteer at the Zoo?
Zoo volunteers gain valuable experience that changes their life forever!

Why Are Zoos Important?
Zoos are more important than you think. Learn why here!

How to Start an Animal Sanctuary
If you care for animals and want to successfully start an animal sanctuary this article is for you. Learn some of the needed steps you have to consider when starting an animal sanctuary.

Top 10 Zoos in America (Part 1)
Discover the top 10 zoos in America! In part 1 of our series, we feature zoos 6 - 10. These zoos are amazing!

Top 10 Zoos in America (Part 2)
And the top zoo in the United States is…Discover the top 5 zoos in America! You will be absolutely fascinated.

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