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What Zoo Reptiles Eat

what zoo reptiles eat

Did you know that nearly 175 million people will visit a zoo in the upcoming year? When they do, they will more than likely spend time walking around the zoo, enjoying the sights and sounds, and sometimes even the smells of animals they would typically never see in their entire lives. One of the most popular activities for people to watch at a zoo is when the animals’ caretakers feed them. These feedings sometimes occur only once a day for some animals, or are broken up into several smaller meals that are fed throughout the day to other animals. Have you ever wondered where all that food comes from for the animals?

Understandably, it is difficult to 100% accurately replicate the diet that an animal would consume in the wild; however, with the assistance of a trained professional such as an animal nutritionist, zoos are able to replicate at least the nutritional equivalent of an animal’s diet.

An animal nutritionist is someone who specializes in the dietary needs of all kinds of different animals. From pets to zoo animals, an animal nutritionist can formulate a specialized diet for many different animals depending on what that specific animal may be lacking in their current diet. For example, if a zoo is looking to assist in two animals mating, or if an animal has become overweight, each circumstance warrants its own specialized diet.

Some of the most difficult animals to replicate a diet for are exotic animals such as snakes, lizards, and certain types of birds. The exact nature of what the animal’s diet consists of in the wild is at times difficult to know 100% thus making it difficult to replicate the precise nutritional content of their diet. Getting as close as possible to their diet in the wild is the key to keeping these animals healthy.

What Do Snakes in the Zoo Eat?

Snakes, for example, have a very wide range of animals that they will eat, from frozen feeder mice and frozen rats, to frozen quail; every snake is a predator by nature and will eat a variety of animals. The variety of their diet is different from breed to breed because different snakes need different types of proteins, which each various animal has stored inside of it.

What Do Zoo Lizards Eat?

Just like their snake relatives, lizards depend on their tongues to smell and find food and zookeepers want their lizards to find tasty food! That’s why zoo nutritionists treat each species of lizard uniquely because each has its own individual food needs.

In the wild, some zoo lizards would eat a more vegetarian diet of fruits and leaves, while others are naturally carnivorous and eat smaller animals and insects. To accommodate these various lizard food needs, zoos will feed them worms, meat products, vegetables, fruits and insects according to their diets.

Finding a reliable provider of frozen rodents for snakes and larger birds to eat is an essential part of the process that an animal nutritionist must figure out. If a company can reliably provide high quality frozen feeder mice and feeder chicks to a zoo, then that zoo and that provider will be able to have a mutually beneficial relationship. The zoo is able to help their animal nutritionists provide the healthiest diets possible to a wide range of animals, and the feeder animal provider is able to move its stock of frozen animals.

While some feeder animal providers may only be looking to make a profit off of a zoo, Rodent Pro is committed to making sure that your animals have the healthiest food that is available on the market today. From their high quality stock of frozen mice to frozen guinea pigs, and other nutritious frozen prey, to their expert knowledge on what reptiles and birds of prey needs to eat, Rodent Pro is committed to serving the feeder needs of your zoo with excellence.




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