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Top 5 Serpentariums / Reptile Houses in the U.S

Many people might categorize snakes and other reptiles as slimy, scary creatures that can be potentially dangerous. However, these reptiles are actually beneficial to the earth in so many ways! In order to learn more about these creatures and how they can help our planet, one might be interested in visiting one of the top five reptile houses found in the United States.

Cape Fear Serpentarium:

In the quaint town of Wilmington, North Carolina, there is quite a surprise found amongst the numerous antique shops and horse-drawn carriages: a snake zoo housing more than 40 different species of vipers and cobras. The Cape Fear Serpentarium is unique because each snake is rated based on how dangerous it would be if an individual were to get struck with its venom and explains in detail how a victim would die from this reptile’s bite.


The Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo, one of America’s newer serpentariums, can be located about an hour south of Minneapolis. Here, there are multiple educational exhibits, including “Know Your Neighbors,” which allows the community to learn about harmless snakes. Also, Minnesotans can visit “The Danger Zone” exhibit to view a 14-foot python and 12-foot alligator eat an entire pig.

The Serpentarium:

The Serpentarium, located in Lodi, California, is a 3,000 square feet living reptile museum dedicated to helping people learn and interact with a variety of reptiles before potentially taking one home as a pet. From Burmese pythons to frogs and anacondas, this special reptile house contains some of the rarest and healthiest reptiles around the world. What’s even more thrilling, is the fact that visitors are allowed to hold and interact with these legendary beasts.

Reptile World Serpentarium:

Want to know where one of the finest serpentariums in the world is located? If you are driving on highway 192 St. Cloud, Florida you are bound to see a large King Cobra sign stating “Reptile World Serpentarium”. This retile house is home to some of the finest snakes in the world including rattlesnakes, black mambas, cobras, giant pythons and more. One interesting fact about this serpentarium is that they have been producing snake venom for over 42 years and supply it to over 300 universities and a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Washington Serpentarium:

Do you know who the “The Reptile Man” is? You may think this “creature” is half man and half reptile. But, this famous being is actually just a man that absolutely loves reptiles. Over the course of his life, he toured all over the country with his animals performing for over 800 schools. He is also known for the establishment of one of the most compressive collections of reptiles on the West coast. From large anacondas to black mambas and other reptiles this reptile house houses a variety of rare reptiles that you need to see.

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