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 1:23:29 PM (CST) Monday, February 18, 2019

California King Snake: Is this a Good Pet Snake?

Find some of the best details to know prior to getting a California King Snake as your next pet.

If you are thinking of getting one off these snakes, keep in mind that you will need to have a habitat that will contain and be spacious enough for it’s length of around 4 foot. The adult size will be obtained around three to four years of age. On occasion these snakes can reach five foot in size, so having the space to upgrade enclosures should be kept in mind. You’ll have your new buddy for up to twenty years! However, the average lifespan of the California King Snake is around 10-15 years.

In that habitat, you will need fluorescent lighting and a standard heating source, which may be an under tank heating pad, ceramic heater or heating bulb. You should keep the temperature warm, and designate a basking spot that will be slightly warmer than the overall tank temperature. When lighting your tank, you should know that the California King Snake is nocturnal, and generally stays in brush, hiding or burrows during the day and will emerge during the evening. This is a good time to point out that you will want to incorporate some hiding spots in your habitat for the snake.

Shallow water should always be available for your new snake, and make sure that you check it daily to make sure it is clean and full. As for food, the age and size of your king snake will determine which food you will feed it. Start your snake with feeders like small pinky mice, given once a week. Then, as the snake increases in size and apatite you will gradually increase the sizes up to a large mouse, or feeder rat during the adult stages of the king snake’s life. Frozen snake food is a prime choice for your animals because you can ensure there are no diseases that will be transferred, they keep for months in the freezer, and pre-killed snake food won’t injure or fight your snake.

As with any domestic pet, make sure you find a local veterinarian that has a facility available for reptiles. This will ensure that if any emergency were to happen, you can rush the snake to help quickly. When setting up your habitat and purchasing your snake, remember to ask your snake expert about temperament of the specific animal, in addition to habitat suggestions and feeding preferences. You can purchase these pets at pet stores, exotic pet stores, reptile shows or online.

Not sure the California King Snake is right for you? Read more about snakes as pets and find other options to explore before making your big purchase.



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