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 12:06:13 PM (CST) Monday, February 18, 2019

Boa Constrictor Facts

Physical Characteristics and Habitat: Boa constrictors are pinkish or tan in color, with dark cross-bands. They range in length is from 50cm to 3.9m (longest reported 5.5 m long). Boa Constrictor is very flexible in its habitat selection: Deserts, tropical forests, open savanna and cultivated fields (not in water). It lives mostly on ground. Sometimes they can be found on trees. Most captive Boa Constrictors reach a length of between 6ft - 10ft (1.8m - 3m). The record for this species is 13½ft (4m), although an unofficial record of 18½ft (5.64m) has been reported and was for a long time thought to be the record for this species. It would appear however, that the snake in question was probably an Anaconda and not a Common Boa Constrictor. Although a lot of people refer to the Anaconda as a boa because it is known by the name "Water Boa" it is best to keep these two snakes classified in different categories.

Food Habitats and Behavior: The Boa Constrictor is not the bone crushing beast that the media often portrays it as. In reality it is a rather gentle giant. They kill their prey by coiling around it and constricting tighter each time it exhales until the prey inevitably suffocates. The prey then becomes snake food and is consumed whole. They mostly feed on large lizards, small or moderate birds, opossums, bats, rats and squirrels. It is a nocturnal hunter, and uses heat-sensitivity to locate prey. They are not poisonous; they use constriction to kill their prey. Boa constrictor lives solitary.

Reproduction and Hatchling: The Boa constrictor is a seasonal breeder. Their reproductive cycle is induced by environmental factors such as weather, temperature and humidity. Females attract males by emitting scent from their cloaca. Fertilization of eggs occurs internally. Boa constrictors give birth to live young.

Special Notes: Due to their geographical distribution and different coloring pattern, Boa constrictor specie is divided into several sub-species: Boa constrictor amarili; Boa constrictor constrictor; Boa constrictor imperator; Boa constrictor longicauda; Boa constrictor mexicana; Boa constrictor nebulosa; Boa constrictor occidentalis; Boa constrictor orophias; Boa constrictor ortonii; Boa constrictor sabogae.

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