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Best Pet Snakes

Snakes can make amazing pets; they are fascinating creatures and relatively low maintenance. However, having a pet snake isn’t the right choice for everyone. There is some uniqueness to each type of snake, so making sure you choose the best pet snake for you is very important. When considering a pet snake, you should consider the following things first.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Snake

Having a pet snake is a long term commitment. These animals have long lifespans, and many can live longer than twenty years.

Caring for a snake means providing a suitable environment for them to live. Most all snakes have escape skills, and you will want to make sure that you have an escape-proof tank, removing any small gaps where they could sneak out. Also, you will want to tailor the tank environment to suit your snake—possibly by adding branches, rocks or other items to the cage.

Snake food isn’t like dog or cat food. These creatures eat other animals and you must be willing to provide that to your snake. There are many options of prey, including frozen mice and frozen rats. You will need to have freezer space available to store the frozen feeders, so keep that in mind.

Choosing the Best Pet Snake

Snakes to Avoid: As beautiful as they may be, large constricting snakes or venomous snakes do not make ideal pets. Your best bet when choosing a pet snake is to get one that has been bred in captivity. In addition to constricting and venomous snakes, wild snakes also don’t make good pets. Since they have been roaming freely they may have contracted parasites or disease which you don’t want to bring into your home.

Recommended Pet Snakes: We recommend choosing a snake that is of a sensible size and that will be fairly easy to take care of. Examples of some of the most common pet snakes for new owners are Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons.

Once You Choose Your Pet Snake

When you choose your pet snake from a breeder, you may want to ask them to show you how to feed it. The breeder will most likely be an expert that can help you along the way and give you advice and tips for caring for your new pet. It isn’t always easy to know how to feed frozen feeders to a snake, especially when it comes to Ball Pythons which are known for having feeding problems. If you have questions for the breeder, make sure to ask. They will be a great resource for you as you begin your journey as the owner of a pet snake.




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